I am a research developer with experience writing Python and Node.js back-ends, storing telemetry data in noSQL databases, and writing web front-ends using JS frameworks. I began studying machine learning at CMU in 2017.

I work at DorothyAI where I help develop and deploy novel AI solutions to patent searching.

My career at CMU began at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center where I supported high performance networking research projects for five years. I focused on Software Defined Networking and the evolution of the TCP/IP stack. The remainder of my time at CMU I worked with the Computer Science department and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute to help develop web applications.

During my graduate and undergraduate studies I focused on high performance computing. With the support of grants my advisor obtained, I built several Beowulf clusters to provide Slippery Rock University with more distributed environments for curriculum use. I utilized those resources to develop reference implementations of common distributed algorithms using MPI and GPGPU programming techniques.

I use my personal website as a live resume.